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Stop celebrating shit

The Hat would like you to ask yourself one thing: Just how retarded has society become, that it has found in itself to celebrate pure annoyance?

Apparently, it’s the international Caps Lock day (which I refuse to dignify with capital I and D), and let us be completely honest here, this isn’t scraping the bottom of the barrel. This isn’t even scraping the bottom of the well. We are talking about drilling a hole that ends up two centimetres above the exact center of the earth, and then sending someone to scrape this part.

There is nothing to celebrate. It is instead a tragedy, a monument to the fact that nobody under the age of 18 should be allowed to traverse the internet, and even then, they should be required to take a test, much like a driver’s license.

The Hat does not require perfect language from its followers. Shorthand terms may look strange, but they generally carry a purpouse if done right. The Hat’s unworthy rogue prophet proclaims himself a DPS when searching for a group because he wants to spend his gaming time gaming, and people have been accustomed to the term so that if he wrote “rogue”, there would be a moment of confusion whilst the mental gears of potential group-makers switched (from neutral to first gear).

But Caps Locking are, and will forever be, 99% abused, 99% obnoxious, and 0% worth celebrating even when used right. Because then it’s simply just a tool, and I for one don’t go celebrate my fucking hammer every time I hit a nail.


The Hat is blogging

Truly, through a remarkable feat of stunning use of technology, The Hat has leapt out from merely being confined to the European Bladefist server in World of Warcraft, to having its own blog. This goes to show only a tiny fraction of the almighty powers of The Hat.

To get a better idea on who and what The Hat is, the obvious choice would be to use the “About” link, which The Hat just reproduced here in order for you to understand some of the full ramifications going on here.

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