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Metroid Prime Trilogy: Impression bullet list

OK, some hours into Metroid Prime, upgraded for the Wii, here’s what you need to know:

  • The controller upgrade works just as well as with Corruption, leading to a fairly accurate style of controlling, which will tear your right wrist apart again.
  • The graphics seem slightly technically updated, although I’m sure it’s only minor stuff. In any event, the designs of Tallon VI are bloody beautiful, and I expect MP2 to also deliver. Creative design trumps polygon count any day in my book.
  • If you liked Metroid Corruption but didn’t get a chance to play the predecessors on account of never having owned a Gamecube – a combination I believe is very common amongst older Wii owners – then you get two good games for the price of one.
  • If you haven’t played any of the Metroid Prime games yet, you get -three- good games for the price of one.
  • I don’t even like FPS games (this particular view is rather scary), but Metroid is different enough to make me go through with it.
  • If you’ve actually played through all the MP games already, don’t bother. I mean seriously. There’s enjoying the game, and there’s being a fanboy.

Sure, I haven’t played through the entire game yet, but it’s pretty much just what I expected when I bought it. If you actually want to know what the MP series is like, just read this review I made of Corruption some time ago.


Metroid Prime Trilogy: Got art?

I bought Metroid Prime Trilogy today, but I haven’t played it yet, and it will not be possible to do this until tomorrow. However, I’m already having a good impression by this little folder/pamphlet thingie that on one side carries the entire story of the Prime series (and also the background on Samus Aran), and the other side is filled up with concept art.

Of course, concept art isn’t usually the thing I care about the most, but I’m gladly making an exception in this case. This stuff is -stunning- to say the least. From what I remember of MP: Corruption, it had a really strong design going on that’s admittedly limited by the Wii hardware, and if there is one day a machine that can faithfully reproduce some of these paintings – yes, paintings, no other noun does them justice – in game form, my life as I know it is complete.

I will return with impressions of the game later on, but for now, I will be content to know that the legacy of H.R. Geiger is carried on with full force. And if this legacy is carried on in a game series, indeed a brand, as strong as Metroid, then we are all the better for it.

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